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A paperless board: how to enhance efficiency of your meetings

The board and committee meetings demand a significant amount…

Season's Greetings and best wishes for 2016

  On behalf of the Leading Boards' team, we would like…

Gender Income Gap

The gender inequality not only concerns the position. There is also a gap between men and women income.

The Leading Boards portal on video

Watch Leading Boards video and discover why we are the best solution for your paperless meeting.

5 good reasons to opt for a paperless board of directors with the Leading Boards board portal

Optimize your meeting management and secure your confidential information while adding efficiency and diligence by saving time, by realizing savings, it is now possible!

Estimate the cost of your Board with the Leading Boards board portal

Have you ever thought of opting for paperless governance? Preparing the meeting of the Boards and Committees has a cost. In addition to paper cost...

Leading Boards helps Toronto secure the Digital Boardroom

Leading Boards is hosting its first breakfast conference “Security in the Digital Age” in Toronto on April 15, 2015 at The One Eighty, one of Toronto’s...

Part 1 - How to become a corporate board director?

A director manages and oversees the running of the business of the corporation and takes certain important decisions in a number of areas...

White paper: Securing the data of your Board of Directors and committees

Free White Paper: IT security and Boards of Directors

Sustainable Governance, a new way of governance?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key issue of corporate governance for boards of directors and is on most agendas worldwide.

Your next board meeting could be paperless

Optimize meeting management and secure confidential information while increasing efficiency, saving time and money, it is now possible!

Leading Boards: your digital Board of Directors in 10 questions

Questions/Answers. All about Leading Boards, the digital web portal for Board of Directors.

Securing The Digital Boardroom

Article by Amanda Biggs from Leading Boards for the magazine Ethical Boardroom.

Getting familiar with the Leading Boards portal

In this second article, Kim Auclair, guest author, writes about the transition to the board portal...
Secure data - Leading Boards' Portal

Do not share confidential board information by email if you want it to remain confidential

Yet again in the news have been exposed and illustrated the risks of using non secure email accounts

The 3 keys for a successful transition to a paperless and digital Board of Directors

Digital transformation has become an important issue added to…

Gender balance on French corporate boards of directors

The summer of 2014 in France marks progress for gender equality,…

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