Back from our 2017 User Conferences – Toronto

November 23, 2017 / By Romain Isaac

Our first editions of our User Conferences took place on October 24th & 26th in Montreal and Toronto, which brought numerous of Leading Boards users around the theme of the influence of digital technology as a catalyst of performance for organizations. These conferences gathered nearly 100 people representing more than 30 organizations across Canada.

The influence of digital technology in the boardroom

The conference in Toronto started with the opening remarks of Gabriel Maréchal, Vice-President of sales at Leading Boards, and then participants had the chance to have a presentation of Dr Satyamoorthy Kabilan, National Security & Strategic Foresight at The Conference Board of Canada, on the importance of the board engagement to handle effectively cyber security matters and the influence of digital technology in the boardroom on the effectiveness of boards and executive committees.

The rest of the first part of the morning was marked by the major announcement of the day: Leading Boards becomes DiliTrust Exec and is now part of an international group, DiliTrust. After 3 years of working together as strategic partners, Leading Boards and Equity decided to merge our activities and expertise into one multi-national entity: DiliTrust. This new structure gives our customers access to a wider portfolio of governance solutions, while strengthening our local presence, allowing us to more efficiently respond to and address our customer needs.

After the break, attendees had the opportunity to have more information about the other solutions that DiliTrust offers and available right now:

The last session of this conference was based on the experience of an user of the platform. She shared with other participants the digital transition of her organization and concerns they had before adopting a paperless board portal and the perks it provides to the board of directors. Attendees were given the opportunity to share their best practices with our board portal as well. This conference ended up with a closing cocktail where participants shared tips & tricks with their peers and members of our team on the spot.

On behalf of our team, we thank all participants for their presence and their contribution to the success of our User Conference first edition.

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