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Take the Lead !

Welcome to Leading Boards, the smart & secure Board Portal.

The Leading Boards’ solution is a web-based, secure and user-friendly board portal that manages meeting documentation and archives of boards of directors and committees.


    Wherever you are, you will have a secure and confidential access to all the news, books and documents of your board and committees – with or without internet connection – thanks to the “Offline” mode of the board portal.


    Our goal was to design an easy-to-use solution based on directors’ needs and to provide a user?friendly work and collaboration experience, which is why all new features were developed with a focus on intuitiveness.


    Whether on your tablet, at home, at the office or while travelling, the Leading Boards portal is always at your fingertips… Anywhere, anytime! The tablet application is available in the different Stores, thus guaranteeing quality and security.


    Substantial savings in management costs can be achieved with a board portal. Indeed, Leading Boards eliminates the need for paper, suitcases full of documents, as well as messengers. It also reduces the time employees spend on paperwork.


    The board portal access features – confidential or shareable sticky notes, debates or polls and automatic notices to keep directors informed – enhance communications and enable effective collaboration between members of the board.


    By eliminating the need for paper and reducing the number of trips required, the portal enables organizations to achieve a higher level of environmental responsibility and to accomplish common objectives in a sustainable manner.


    The board portal is available in French, English and Spanish. A multilingual platform is part of our development strategy and reflects our vision of better governance worldwide.

Why a board portal is the best management and collaboration tool for all your meetings



The speed of information, the rise in required trips and the tightening of regulations are new challenges for directors and executives.

The Leading Boards’ service improves efficiency by replacing all paper with a secure electronic tool that is available at all times. Users no longer receive piles of documents, but rather a notification with the information on their favourite device (PC, tablets or S. Pro), which allows them to save time and focus on collaboration and the performance of other tasks.

The Leading Boards’ service adapts to the work habits of directors and executives and ensures easy and user-friendly navigation.


The Leading Boards’ service optimizes the organization of meetings. With only a few clicks, you can create the agenda of a meeting, add documents progressively and invite directors to consult them.

Storing meetings, documents and discussions in a highly secured board portal eliminates the risk of loss or theft of confidential information.

Paperwork-related tasks are streamlined, therefore freeing-up time for more rewarding activities, such as the promotion of good governance practices.

The transition to the Leading Boards’ service is fast and easy thanks to a user-friendly platform and unlimited support.

Unlimited Support: A Reliable Partner

When you choose the Leading Boards board portal, you benefit from our outstanding customer service.

Our team will guide your board during the transition to the online and paperless portal and throughout the use of the portal by providing appropriate training and unlimited support

Our support staff will answer all your questions and ensure that your experience with the Leading Boards’ service is satisfying, successful and rewarding.

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Discover the Leading Boards’ service for the needs of your organization!

In a live demo, we will present the benefits of a board portal, share our expertise and answer all questions.